Heal Your Core Mini Course

Learn how to test for diastasis recti and what to do about it and workout with 10 minute beginner, intermediate and advanced core workout videos instructed by two pelvic floor physical therapists. Bonus: Pelvic Floor Section Included!
Welcome to Postpartum Essentials by The Healthy Pelvis Project
2 mins
Our Mission Statement
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The Mysterious Pelvic Floor
Pelvic Floor 101 & Kegels
11 mins
Handout: Pelvic Floor 101 Strengthening
91.8 KB
Handout: How to Relax Your Pelvic Floor
189 KB
Introduction to Pelvic Floor 101
6 mins
Restore Your Core
What is the Core?
4 mins
Diastasis Rectis Abdominis (DRA)
13 mins
Handout: DRA Assessment and Treatment
581 KB
The Beginnings: Pelvic Brace
3 mins
Core Foundations A Day
10 mins
Handout: Core Foundations A Day
887 KB
Core Foundations B Day
10 mins
Handout: Core Foundations B Day
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Intermediate Core A Day
11 mins
Handout: Intermediate Core A Day
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Intermediate Core B Day
12 mins
Handout: Intermediate Core B Day
898 KB
Intermediate Core Bonus Workout
8 mins
Handout:Intermediate Core Bonus
1.08 MB
Advanced Core A Day
11 mins
Handout: Advanced Core A Day
880 KB
Advanced Core B Day
11 mins
Handout: Advanced Core B Day
1.05 MB
Introduction to the Core
1 min
You Made It!
1 min

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By performing any of these recommendations, you assume full responsibility, during and after participation for your choice to use or apply, at your own risk, any portion of the information or instruction you receive. 
Part of the risk involved in undertaking any activity or program is relative to your own state of health or wellness and to the awareness, care, and skill with which you conduct yourself in that activity or exercise. Your choice to participate in any activity or exercise brings with it your assumption of those risks of results stemming from this choice of fitness, health, awareness, care, and skill that you possess and use.

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