Prepare for Early Postpartum Mini Course

Get Prepared: 1st 48 hrs & 1st 6 weeks. manage bleeding, your first poop, the best positions to feed your baby and heal your pelvic floor
Welcome to Postpartum Essentials by The Healthy Pelvis Project
2 mins
Our Mission Statement
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The First 48 Hours After Labor and Delivery
Now that the bun is out of the oven. Let’s learn how to heal that oven. This section is specifically designed to help you manage the first 48 hours after labor and delivery. Our goal with this section is to reduce the fear of the unknown and demystify the first 48 hours after baby so you are prepared with realistic advice that we feel every birthing person should know but unfortunately is often only learned after the fact. We hope this helps you feel prepared and empowered .

Whether you’ve had a cesarean or vaginal birth, you will likely feel pretty sore. One may even say it feels like everything hurts. Let’s break it down so those first 48 hours are less painful and more comfortable. 

Introduction to The First 48 Hours After Labor and Delivery
2 mins
Tips to Help you Move, Pee, Poo and Feed your Baby
10 mins
Handout: Tips to Help you Move, Pee, Poo and Feed your Baby
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Tips to Manage Bleeding and Pain
10 mins
Handout: Bleeding, Red Flags, and Perineum Care
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Handout: Diaphragmatic Breathing
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Handout: First 48 Product List
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Surviving and Thriving in the First 6 Weeks Postpartum
Learn the essential ways to care for your body and your infant. Start the healing process off right.
Introduction to the Fourth Trimester
1 min
Hormones, Swelling, Sleep, & Asking for Help
5 mins
Handout: Help Asking for Help
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Care for Down There
10 mins
Reconnecting to Your Pelvic Floor & Exercise
7 mins
Handout: First 6 Weeks Product List
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The Mysterious Pelvic Floor
Introduction to Pelvic Floor 101
6 mins
Pelvic Floor 101 & Kegels
11 mins
Handout: Pelvic Floor 101 Strengthening
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Handout: How to Relax Your Pelvic Floor
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You Made It!
1 min

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