Postpartum Essentials: Heal from your Pelvic Floor to your Core

Get the whole package: stop leaking, nix hemorrhoids, heal your abdominal separation, fix your back pain, have pain free sex and more!
Welcome to Postpartum Essentials by The Healthy Pelvis Project
2 mins
Our Mission Statement
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How to Navigate this Course
How to Navigate this Course
2 mins
The First 48 Hours After Labor and Delivery
Now that the bun is out of the oven. Let’s learn how to heal that oven. This section is specifically designed to help you manage the first 48 hours after labor and delivery. Our goal with this section is to reduce the fear of the unknown and demystify the first 48 hours after baby so you are prepared with realistic advice that we feel every birthing person should know but unfortunately is often only learned after the fact. We hope this helps you feel prepared and empowered .

Whether you’ve had a cesarean or vaginal birth, you will likely feel pretty sore. One may even say it feels like everything hurts. Let’s break it down so those first 48 hours are less painful and more comfortable. 

Introduction to The First 48 Hours After Labor and Delivery
2 mins
Tips to Help you Move, Pee, Poo and Feed your Baby
10 mins
Handout: Tips to Help you Move, Pee, Poo and Feed your Baby
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Tips to Manage Bleeding and Pain
10 mins
Handout: Bleeding, Red Flags, and Perineum Care
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Handout: Diaphragmatic Breathing
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Handout: First 48 Product List
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Surviving and Thriving in the First 6 Weeks Postpartum
Learn the essential ways to care for your body and your infant. Start the healing process off right.
Introduction to the Fourth Trimester
1 min
Hormones, Swelling, Sleep, & Asking for Help
5 mins
Handout: Help Asking for Help
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Care for Down There
10 mins
Reconnecting to Your Pelvic Floor & Exercise
7 mins
Handout: First 6 Weeks Product List
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The Mysterious Pelvic Floor
Introduction to Pelvic Floor 101
6 mins
Pelvic Floor 101 & Kegels
11 mins
Handout: Pelvic Floor 101 Strengthening
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Handout: How to Relax Your Pelvic Floor
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Bladder Health: To Pee or not to Pee
Introduction to Postpartum Bladder Recovery
1 min
Mind Over Bladder
11 mins
Handout: How to Recover Your Bladder Health
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Bladder Diary
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Bowels: You Are What You Poop
Introduction to Your Best Bowel Movement Ever
1 min
Healthy Bowels for the Win
11 mins
Handout: How to Achieve Bowel Health
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Handout: Hemorrhoid Treatments
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Love Your Body (Mechanics) and Posture
Introduction to Body Mechanics
1 min
Body Mechanics: We Love The Way You Move!
10 mins
Introduction to Posture
2 mins
Exercises to Help With Your Posture and Strength
9 mins
Handout: Posture Reset
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Handout: Exercises to Help you with your Posture and Strength
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Sex After Baby
Introduction to Sex After Having a Baby
1 min
Pain Free and Pleasurable Sex: How To Guide
9 mins
Handout: Tips for Better Sex After Baby
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Handout: Our Favorite Lubricants
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We implore you from the bottom of our physical therapist hearts not to skip this section.
Introduction to Scar Massage
1 min
Scar Massage
10 mins
Handout: How to Massage Your Scars
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Back Pain
Introduction to Back Pain
1 min
Back Pain: Why Does it Happen and How to Fix it
9 mins
Exercises To Heal Your Back Pain
10 mins
Handout: Low Back Pain Exercises
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Restore Your Core
Introduction to the Core
1 min
What is the Core?
4 mins
Diastasis Rectis Abdominis (DRA)
13 mins
Handout: DRA Assessment and Treatment
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The Beginnings: Pelvic Brace
3 mins
Core Foundations A Day
10 mins
Handout: Core Foundations A Day
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Core Foundations B Day
10 mins
Handout: Core Foundations B Day
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Intermediate Core A Day
11 mins
Handout: Intermediate Core A Day
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Intermediate Core B Day
12 mins
Handout: Intermediate Core B Day
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Intermediate Core Bonus Workout
8 mins
Handout:Intermediate Core Bonus
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Advanced Core A Day
11 mins
Handout: Advanced Core A Day
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Advanced Core B Day
11 mins
Handout: Advanced Core B Day
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What the Heck is This?
This section covers all the weird and unexpected things that can happen to your private parts postpartum.
Introduction to What the Heck is This?!
1 min
Vulvar Varicosities
2 mins
Handout: Vulvar Varicosities Treatment
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Pelvic Organ Prolapse
9 mins
Handout: Pelvic Organ Prolapse Management
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Tailbone Pain
5 mins
Handout: Tail Bone Pain Treatment
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Periods After Baby
2 mins
Vaginal Hematomas
2 mins
What the Heck is This Product List
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You Made It!
1 min

All activities, services, and programs offered on this site are educational and self-directed in nature.  The suggestions, exercises and recommendations do not replace seeing a physician or physical therapist for an in-person examination and/or treatment.      
By performing any of these recommendations, you assume full responsibility, during and after participation for your choice to use or apply, at your own risk, any portion of the information or instruction you receive. 
Part of the risk involved in undertaking any activity or program is relative to your own state of health or wellness and to the awareness, care, and skill with which you conduct yourself in that activity or exercise. Your choice to participate in any activity or exercise brings with it your assumption of those risks of results stemming from this choice of fitness, health, awareness, care, and skill that you possess and use.

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